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Limited Company Accounting Tax Contractor UK VAT HMRC IR35 LCCS

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At LCCS we believe in keeping things simple. We have just one price and it includes everything a limited company owner requires in order to keep on the right side of HMRC and Companies House.

At LCCS we believe in full transparency and minimising uncertainty. That’s why we developed the Live Tax Report – so you’re always in the picture.

That’s also why we charge a flat monthly fee of just £59 per month for everything. You will never have to stress about your accounting fees at tax time because you know exactly what they are upfront and you’ve already been paying them throughout year.

Included in the flat monthly fee is:

Everything mentioned on the Limited Company Accounting page


⦁ Everything mentioned on the Limited Company Tax page

⦁ Everything mentioned on the Personal Tax page

⦁ Unlimited Live Tax Reporting, as discussed here

⦁ Almost any other UK accounting or tax related service our clients are likely to ever need

What’s not included?

Of course there are a few things we don’t do, or we will need to charge extra for, buy agreement.

⦁ PAYE - Our target clients are owner operated businesses. For these people paying PAYE is not tax efficient and so payroll is not a service we provide. This does not preclude you from using LCCS if you need to run a payroll and pay PAYE. It is very easy to find a specialist to just provide this service for you and this is entirely compatible with what we do.

⦁ Company liquidations – liquidating a company involves selling all of its assets and distributing the proceeds to creditors and shareholders. It is an expensive and complicated process that is entirely unnecessary for our clients. When you no longer need your company we will dissolve it with Companies House.

⦁ Tax returns for your partner, mum, dad, kids, neighbours or dog. Our mission is to provide seamlessly integrated tax services for limited companies and their owners. If you require additional self-assessment returns we will happily provide them for a small additional fee depending on the complexity of the return.

⦁ Audits - Audits are a specialist accounting service not required by our clients and not provided by us.