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Real Time Tax Reporting

The real time tax report is . . .

Most accounting firms either focus on personal tax planning or corporate compliance. We understand that for small business owners the two are inherently linked. We also appreciate that one of the key challenges in running a limited company is cash management. Imagine the benefit of having comprehensive tax reporting in real time that covers both company and personal taxes. This means:

🔹 always knowing how much to put aside for company tax;

🔹 always knowing how much you can withdraw for personal use;

🔹 always knowing how much to put aside for tax personal tax;

🔹 it will all be in the most tax efficient manner possible;

🔹 tax time will be surprise and hassle free.

LCCS Live Tax Reporting achieves all of this by taking an integrated approach to your company and personal tax affairs. LCCS was formed by accountants with many years of experience consulting through limited companies. We are therefore uniquely placed to appreciate the complexity of the tax compliance landscape and to distil it down in a simple report to what you need to know: How much money should I put aside for tax and how much can I spend?”