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company paid it*

For all amounts input the VAT inclusive figure

Accounting fees

Include our fees
Telephone and internet  

Exclude any personal use element
Bank charges and interest expense



Training and development

This must be relevant to what your business does
Travel between business premises  

Include cost of travel from your home office to your clients premises. Make sure you keep receipts.
Business travel and subsistence  

Make sure you keep all receipts.
Printing and Stationary  

Business motor vehicle miles  

Only business miles. This can be substantiated with a logbook
Professional fees and subscriptions  

Home office expenses  

Only the business use element.
Other (please specify)  

Please include a description of the expense
Description of other expenses

Any genuine business expense that does not fall into any of the above categories.

*If you have paid any company expenses out of your personal money then we will include a tax free expense reimbursement on your Live Tax Return as a part of your income for the period.

If their is a personal use component to any of the expenses only include the amount that was incurred in deriving business income.